What about going out to dinner?

Tonight is one of those nights that can derail the best laid plans of anyone working at losing weight…that’s right I HAVE to go to dinner.  No way around it, we are heading out for a holiday party dinner.  Complete with totally fattening foods and lots of them at that.

I’ll bet that you are faced with this scenario as well, so I thought I’d tell you how I will handle things tonight and how I have handled them before.

To start with, lighten up a little.  It’s really ok to step off the path…once in a while.  Every once in a while you HAVE to give yourself a little slack.  So, go out and eat the party food, just don’t make it a habit, and really don’t do again for a week or so.

Here is how to survive.  Eat the salads, avoid the breads.  If you are at a restaurant, avoid the entree and order two salads.  One for when everyone else is eating their starter and the other to be served when everyone gets their entree.  If it matters, you can just tell people that you are on a salad kick lately!  If you can’t do that, ask the waiter to divide the portion into two portions and put the other in a to go box before they serve you.  Take the box home or conveniently “forget” to take it with you when you leave.

If you are at a private home, go for the salads and vegggies and load up with them if possible.  If you can’t do that, take tiny portions and stick to your guns.  You’ve done the polite thing by taking a bit of everything, you don’t have to load up your plate.

Eat slowly and watch for signs that you are getting full…stop eating evry few minutes or so and put your fork down and drink some water (pass on the wine…empty calories there).  Resume eating slowly being sure to stop frequently to see if you are full.  When you are full push your plate away and ask the waiter to remove it…even if it still has food on it.  If you are at a private home, just stop eating.

Be sure to drink plenty of water as it will help you feel full, and if you must have dessert, see if you can share one with someone.  Or, go for the fresh fruit if given that choice.

Finally, enjoy yourself!  It is the holiday season after all, and don’t let one bad meal ruin yourplan.

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