Water, water everywhere

This rainy weather that we are having reminded me of the importance of drinking water in a weight loss program.

I was never a fan of just having a glass of water.  A coffee, a tea, a soft drink, yes.  Plain water?  No way.  Consequently, I rarely drank any.  I just could not understand the obsession with carrying bottled water around the way that I see most people doing.

So, imagine my surprise when I learned that proper hydration was a key component to losing weight. One of the key reasons that I learned was that often times when I thought that I was hungry, I was just thirsty!  An 8 oz glass of water later and I wasn’t hungry any longer!  I can’t tell you how many snacks that little tip saved me, but I can tell you that when I cut back on my water consumption my hunger seems to increase.

The USDA has published some tips on  weight loss that include, among other things, the tip to consume more water.

I did a Google search on weight loss and water consumption that you might find interesting as well.

We are smack in the throes of the Christmas and Hanukah eating frenzy.  I hope that you are watching your calories and sticking to your program.  But, if you are not, get right back into it after the first.  I’d really like for you to experience the double takes that people who haven’t seen me for a while do when they recognize me.  It’s a hoot!

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2 Responses to “Water, water everywhere”

  1. Kathleen L, Guillaume says:

    The world press directions confused me…as I kept getting a try later message. Tried to track this through WorldPress and got caught up in basketball romors and trades, then tried water water everywhere…with similar results. Kudos did notice that you were dubbed “Realtor of the Day”..finally went back to Linkedin and found your oh so true, if we could only remember to drink our daily water quota of 4+ glasses a day.
    And we live in the land where EBMUD and SF Water is better out of the tap than anything anyone bottles.
    Small note: If something is good that does not mean more is better…too much water intake can be deadly…so check with your doctor on your maximum intake for inactive days and maximum intake for heavy activity in warm weather days.
    Remember the gal who died drinking too much water on that radio show trying to win a Sony something.
    Everything in moderation…if I had only lived that I would not have pounds yet to shed.