Pig headed stubbornness

Vacation is dwindling away…we come home in a few days and I thought that I’d bring you up to speed on how it’s gone for me while we have been here.

First of all, the temptations have been many and mighty as I am a fan of Mexican food in general, and some of the food that we have had has been spectacular!

For the most part I have stuck to my plan. All of my breakfasts, snacks and lunches have been per plan. Dinners however, have been a bit different than I had planned.

I thought that we’d go out once or twice for dinner during our ten day stay. Instead, we have gone out 3 times. Not a major departure, but one more temptation than I thought that I’d have to deal with. Not a real problem, but I did have to have lengthy conversations with the waiters to make sure that they understood the substitutions that I wanted to make on my dinner choices. Overall, I have done pretty well, but I will say that any success that I have had here is due entirely to my pig headed stubbornness to stay on plan.

I’ve been tempted many times this trip to go for the sweets or the fried foods, but I keep remembering how good it feels to be trim, and that gives me renewed strength to stay the course!