New Year’s resolution?

The holidays are officially over.  The last guest has left, the last party is over and the serious eating temptations have ended, finally.

How did you do?  How much did you gain between November 26th and today?  Did you lose weight or remain steady?

Here is how I did.  On November 26th I weighed 192.4.  Today I weigh 195.4.  Considering that I was going to allow myself a 5 pound weight gain over the holidays, this isn’t too bad.  But, it is .4 pounds over my goal weight of 195.

So, I have some work to do.  Starting with today, I have reset my goal weight to 190 pounds, which is a loss of 5.4 pounds.  I want to be at 190 by March 1st.  This is not a very strenuous goal given what I have lost already, but it is ambitious enough that I will have to pay attention to achieving it.

The way I will do this is by following the plan as I have outlined here in this blog.  If you are new, or forget how to get to the beginning of the series of articles, click here: and read that post.  You can then follow to the next post by looking for the link to the right of the small title heading.

Another thing that I am going to do is to carefully record my weight each day, something that I have been lax on during the holidays.  The reason that I know what I weighed on November 26th is because I was keeping careful records up until that point.

If you don’t have a good scale, now might be the time to get one.  I got mine at and would recommend the one I got, an Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale Model HBF-400.  Click on the picture for a link that will take you right to the product page on Amazon in case you want to get one.

So, will you join with me to lose some weight in 2009?  And will you hold me accountable to the weight loss I want to lose when you see me?