Need your help!

Thanks for the emails telling me that you are reading the blog, I do appreciate getting them.  BUT, if you used the commenting feature here on the blog, EVERYONE would get the benefit of your questions and my ANSWERS!

So, would you mind using the comments feature?  I’ve been asked some questions on email that I will be happy to answer via comments…as soon as they get asked via a comment!  🙂

Many thanks,  Jerry

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3 Responses to “Need your help!”

  1. jenny humphreys says:

    Now that you’ve come this far, check out the book Body RX, The 6 Pack Prescription Plan by Scott Connelly, MD. He’s the creator of MetRX, which I personally don’t use. This book is a great guide to how your body reacts to foods and teaches you how to use food to burn calories and boost your metabolism.

  2. Kathleen L, Guillaume says:

    Always good information in a non-preachy way…I am begining to think of you as a Budhist priest, reminding us that it is the journey that counts and that there is no “true” way…but you are sharing your path.
    My biggest problem is disciplining myself to eat breakfast and lunch…I am generally not hungry enough to make time to prepare either, yet know if I eat 3 square meals a day rather than 1 I manage to keep weight gain at bay.
    I have to find a way to make time, I commit today to eat breakfast. One step at a time.

  3. Kathleen L, Guillaume says:

    I wish you and your wife and all of those you love the same; health, happiness and more happiness for this time of year and all of the next.