My secret weapon, Isagenix

Last time I outlined my basic eating plan.  Since I didn’t get any comments on it, I am assuming that either no one is reading (most likely) or after you read it you all said “No way, Dude!

At the end of the last post I told you that I would divulge my secret weapon in this post, so I will.

Making the decision to lose weight was not all that difficult.  Getting started however, was difficult.  I mean, where do you start?  I had to lose 60 pounds just to get to the very high end of the BMI charts, let alone go any further.  It seemed pretty insurmountable, yet I HAD to get started.  I was reminded of Hillel’s question: “If not now, when?” and came to the conclusion that I had to start.

My wife, Diane Gilfether, suggested that I start by doing a nutritional cleanse using something that she had been experimenting with, Isagenix.  So, I started with a cleanse that was supposed to last for two days, but since we didn’t have enough product for two days, it was a one day cleanse!

Apparently it was enough to get me going.  Remember, I was eating about 3,000 calories a day and to go from that to about 600 on a cleanse was huge!  Oddly enough, I was not hungry that day.  Who knows what would have happened on the second day of the cleanse if I had been able to do it…

But I was able to start the process by using the Isagenix shakes for breakfast, and I have done that every day since February 1st and still do to this day.  Diane stirs hers, but I bought a little blender at Long’s Drugs that just blends exactly the right amount to fill a tall tumbler style glass.

So, each day I use 1 scoop of the chocolate, 1 scoop of the vanilla and most days I toss in two or three medium strawberries or 6 blueberries along with a handful of ice and enough water to fill the blender.  A few minutes later I am enjoying my shake.  I also take one of the Isagenix Accelerator capsules as well.  I am not quite sure what is in them besides cayenne pepper but they seem to help me burn the weight faster.  My own purely unscientific observation is that on days where I forget to take them (1 at breakfast and 1 at lunch) I do not see a weight loss the following day.  Your mileage may vary of course.

I fully expected that this would not hold me over until mid morning, but that has not been the case. I usually have this about 7 AM and I am usually ok until about 10 AM when I have my mid-morning snack.

I don’t intend for this to be a commercial for Isagenix, and I do have a vested interest in you using the products, but I do want to be faithful to my purpose which is to tell you exactly what I have done to lose the weight, and to leave Isagenix out would not serve either you or my purpose.

Here are some links to Isagenix so that you can learn about it and even make purchases if you wish.  You can also sign up to be a distributor (and also get product at wholesale rates) if you wish.

Next time I will explore how I handled portion control…another huge part of my success.

There you have it, my breakfast plan AND my secret weapon.  What you do with it is entirely up to you, but I wouldn’t mind hearing about how it’s going for you.  Just click on the comments button right below this post to get started!

Click here to watch some videos on the Isagenix system, food, other products and the business opportunity:

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  1. Kathleen L. Guillaume says:

    Did I finally pick the right button? Guess I didn’t scroll down far enough…short attention span.

  2. Jerry Kidd says:

    You got it!