Living Thin While on Vacation

As you read this I am at Las Ventanas, a resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. Exactly the wrong place to be if you are at all concerned about eating the way that I have talked about in this blog for the past few months! As I write this, I am still at home, we won’t be flying down to Cabo until tomorrow, so I thought I’d tell you what my plans are to keep things under control while we are lazing the days away under the warm Mexican sun…

In a previous post I talked about my eating plan and my secret weapon (Click on the links to read them if you wish) so you know how I handle my meals already.

Guess what, with a few simple changes, I’ll be doing the same thing in Cabo. Breakfast will be the same as I am taking my Isagenix shakes with me along with the Isagenix Accelerator capsules

Lunches will be salads, and dinners will also be salads with some fresh fish or chicken. As for the in between meal snacks…Trader Joes has that handled for me as I will be taking along a few bags of nuts. There is lot’s of room in the suitcase for the food that I am bringing so this will not be a problem. Of course there will be the occasional time when I won’t be able to adhere strictly to my plan And that will be fine. The occasional detour has not harmed me or even appreciably slowed my progress The trick word is occasional. I just can’t let it become a habit. And neither can you!

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