Begin at the beginning

Ok, so now you know my secret to weight loss, but how do you go about actually doing it?  Good question.  As with any journey, you need to begin at the beginning.  For me, the beginning was to assess where I was and what I had done to get there.

During the month of January, 2008, as I became increasingly uncomfortable with my weight, I decided that I needed to know how much I was consuming on a daily basis.  If you were to ask me how much I ate, or what I ate, or when I ate, I would have said “not all that much”, “only healthy food” and “only 3 meals a day”. 

But, as I soon found out, I was lying to myself!  The way that I caught myself in the lie was to keep a food journal for two weeks.  In my case, the food journal was a small lined pad that I carried with me at all times.  Everytime something went into my mouth, it got written down.  I wrote down what it was, how much of it I ate and when I ate it.  Of course I tried to ignore that liitle piece of coffee cake that I snagged before the meeting, and the piece of lunch meat or cheese that I grabbed as I went past the refrigerator, but I had told myself that I would give this a fair chance because I really wanted to know what I was eating, so I stayed honest.

The results of that little exercise were truly staggering.  I was eating way too much!  I didn’t know for sure just what all that food represented, but it sure looked like a lot.  I had no idea that all the mindless eating (snacking that went on 3-4 times a day) was going on, but once it was on paper it was hard to ignore.

Why don’t you grab a small notebook and a pen and carry it with you for the next 14 days and write down EVERYTHING that goes in your mouth, how much of it (guess if you have to, but err on the high side) and when you are eating it? (Start now, don’t wait for Sunday or Monday to begin the process)

In my next post, I will tell you how to figure out how many calories you are consuming…please do come back, and if you are brave, share with us what your first few days of food journaling look like!

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