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Sticky: 10 Step Weight Loss Plan

I thought that for this post I would recap the previous postings and lay out the entire process in one posting.  I hope that it will help you find the posts that you need.

I started writing this because I have had dramatic and visible results in losing weight and everyone who knows me was asking me how I did it.  After I had repeated the story a half dozen or so times, I decided to just put up a blog, so here it is.

I had to lose 60 pounds because I could no longer stand to look at myself in the mirror.  In my entire life I have never been fat.  I never struggled with my weight and frankly, I never thought that I would have to do so.  Yet, over the past 13 years I  have slowly gained weight until I weighed an incredible 255 pounds.  That is 61 pounds higher than the Body Mass Index charts say that I should weigh for my height!  So, on February 1st, 2008 I set a goal to be at 195 pounds by Christmas Day of 2008.  I hit that goal in late October of 2008, two months early.  This blog tells the story of how that happened.  Follow the steps below and you might have the same success.

  1. To start, it’s always best to “begin at the beginning” Said by the King to the White Rabbit from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Go here to learn about how I began at the beginning And how you might, too!
  2. Next I had to know what the calorie value of what I was eating was worth, and so do you!
  3. Then I had to figure out how many calories I needed to limit myself to lose weight, keeping in mind that you only lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume.
  4. Once I knew how much I could eat, I had to determine what foods would give me what I needed and when I could eat them.
  5. Supplements can play a major role for you as they did for me.
  6. Snacking can seriously derail you or be a major part of your success.  Learn how I harnessed snacking.
  7. Here is what I did to harness lunch time.
  8. Dinners out are a fact of life for many of us.
  9. Water is so important to weight loss.  Who knew?
  10. Eating while on vacation had two posts and

I hope that this has been helpful to you on your journey to lose weight.  I would like to hear from you about your successes and challenges and I will publish your comments so that we can help others.

New Year’s resolution?

The holidays are officially over.  The last guest has left, the last party is over and the serious eating temptations have ended, finally.

How did you do?  How much did you gain between November 26th and today?  Did you lose weight or remain steady?

Here is how I did.  On November 26th I weighed 192.4.  Today I weigh 195.4.  Considering that I was going to allow myself a 5 pound weight gain over the holidays, this isn’t too bad.  But, it is .4 pounds over my goal weight of 195.

So, I have some work to do.  Starting with today, I have reset my goal weight to 190 pounds, which is a loss of 5.4 pounds.  I want to be at 190 by March 1st.  This is not a very strenuous goal given what I have lost already, but it is ambitious enough that I will have to pay attention to achieving it.

The way I will do this is by following the plan as I have outlined here in this blog.  If you are new, or forget how to get to the beginning of the series of articles, click here: and read that post.  You can then follow to the next post by looking for the link to the right of the small title heading.

Another thing that I am going to do is to carefully record my weight each day, something that I have been lax on during the holidays.  The reason that I know what I weighed on November 26th is because I was keeping careful records up until that point.

If you don’t have a good scale, now might be the time to get one.  I got mine at and would recommend the one I got, an Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale Model HBF-400.  Click on the picture for a link that will take you right to the product page on Amazon in case you want to get one.

So, will you join with me to lose some weight in 2009?  And will you hold me accountable to the weight loss I want to lose when you see me?

Pig headed stubbornness

Vacation is dwindling away…we come home in a few days and I thought that I’d bring you up to speed on how it’s gone for me while we have been here.

First of all, the temptations have been many and mighty as I am a fan of Mexican food in general, and some of the food that we have had has been spectacular!

For the most part I have stuck to my plan. All of my breakfasts, snacks and lunches have been per plan. Dinners however, have been a bit different than I had planned.

I thought that we’d go out once or twice for dinner during our ten day stay. Instead, we have gone out 3 times. Not a major departure, but one more temptation than I thought that I’d have to deal with. Not a real problem, but I did have to have lengthy conversations with the waiters to make sure that they understood the substitutions that I wanted to make on my dinner choices. Overall, I have done pretty well, but I will say that any success that I have had here is due entirely to my pig headed stubbornness to stay on plan.

I’ve been tempted many times this trip to go for the sweets or the fried foods, but I keep remembering how good it feels to be trim, and that gives me renewed strength to stay the course!

Living Thin While on Vacation

As you read this I am at Las Ventanas, a resort in Los Cabos, Mexico. Exactly the wrong place to be if you are at all concerned about eating the way that I have talked about in this blog for the past few months! As I write this, I am still at home, we won’t be flying down to Cabo until tomorrow, so I thought I’d tell you what my plans are to keep things under control while we are lazing the days away under the warm Mexican sun…

In a previous post I talked about my eating plan and my secret weapon (Click on the links to read them if you wish) so you know how I handle my meals already.

Guess what, with a few simple changes, I’ll be doing the same thing in Cabo. Breakfast will be the same as I am taking my Isagenix shakes with me along with the Isagenix Accelerator capsules

Lunches will be salads, and dinners will also be salads with some fresh fish or chicken. As for the in between meal snacks…Trader Joes has that handled for me as I will be taking along a few bags of nuts. There is lot’s of room in the suitcase for the food that I am bringing so this will not be a problem. Of course there will be the occasional time when I won’t be able to adhere strictly to my plan And that will be fine. The occasional detour has not harmed me or even appreciably slowed my progress The trick word is occasional. I just can’t let it become a habit. And neither can you!

Water, water everywhere

This rainy weather that we are having reminded me of the importance of drinking water in a weight loss program.

I was never a fan of just having a glass of water.  A coffee, a tea, a soft drink, yes.  Plain water?  No way.  Consequently, I rarely drank any.  I just could not understand the obsession with carrying bottled water around the way that I see most people doing.

So, imagine my surprise when I learned that proper hydration was a key component to losing weight. One of the key reasons that I learned was that often times when I thought that I was hungry, I was just thirsty!  An 8 oz glass of water later and I wasn’t hungry any longer!  I can’t tell you how many snacks that little tip saved me, but I can tell you that when I cut back on my water consumption my hunger seems to increase.

The USDA has published some tips on  weight loss that include, among other things, the tip to consume more water.

I did a Google search on weight loss and water consumption that you might find interesting as well.

We are smack in the throes of the Christmas and Hanukah eating frenzy.  I hope that you are watching your calories and sticking to your program.  But, if you are not, get right back into it after the first.  I’d really like for you to experience the double takes that people who haven’t seen me for a while do when they recognize me.  It’s a hoot!